Traditional Parsi Dishes explained

These are Original Recipes of the Parsi way of cooking in India.

The Zoroastrian (also known as Zarathushti) community is a thriving, prosperous, peace-loving and fun-loving community. The Zoroastrian Parsis or Parsees (Old Persian Parsa, “Persia”), followers of the ancient Persian religion known as Zoroastrianism, are spread out all over the Globe. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Iran, Pakistan, Germany, New Zealand, China, Soviet Union, you name it, they are settled there!

The religious and ethical literature of the Parsis is derived chiefly from the Avesta. Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds is the essence of the Zoroastrian’s daily life. Their cooking combines Techniques and Ingredients from all over the world. You will find a unique blend of spices, that makes the food very appetizing, nutritious and wholesome.

Vegetables, Meats and Dairy products are the foundation. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Cardamon, Rosewater etc, flavor the food and remind us of the sweetness of life. Curry Powder, Ginger, Garlic, etc add the zest!

Happy Cooking and enjoy the fruits of your labor !

Many Recipes from our cookbook series are available here for you to try at home for free below. (to purchase any of the cookbook series click here)

See the All in one Mega Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century Cookbook 

Egg Dishes (See Eggs Cookbook)


  • Puri
  • Rotli
  • Ghee Gor ni Rotli

Desserts (See Desserts Cookbook)

Fish Recipes (See Seafoods Cookbook)

Kolmi substitute is Shrimp. Generally any white fish can be a substitute for Promfret. Maachi is a generic avancular name for seafood.

Pork, Lamb or Beef Recipes (See Meat Dishes Cookbook)

Snacks (See Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century Cookbook for recipes)

Vegetarian Recipes (See Vegetarian Delights Cookbook)

Masala Recipes (See Pickles and Chutney Cookbooks)

Masala are unique parsi spices, sauces and chutneys blended and stored. They are to be used for cooking later. Making these ahead is convenient and saves time.

Rice, Beans and Lentils Recipes (See Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century Cookbook for recipes)

Persian Dishes 

Chicken Recipes (See Meat Dishes Cookbook)

Pickles and Preserves  (See Pickles and Chutney Cookbooks)

  • Vasanu – preserved tonic food
  • Fish Achaar
  • Fish Masala Achaar
  • Pickle Boomla or Bombay Duck Pickle

Drinks and Beverages (See Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century Cookbook for recipes)

Auspicious Occasion Recipes (See Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century Cookbook for recipes)


About Parsi Cuisine

Since 1999, Rita Kapadia, founder of, has provided recipes, food news, health tips and articles on this website. Recently, Rita has published several Parsi Cuisine cookbooks. Cookbooks are sold on worldwide. Our Parsi Cuisine cookbooks are a labor of love. The cookbooks began in an effort to maintain and preserve our recipes and traditions for the next generation, many of whom have been raised in USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Canada and other countries outside of India. Written for today's generation of cooks and food enthusiasts, the cookbook “Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century” by Rita Jamshed Kapadia provides a treasure trove of recipes, along with an immersive cultural experience for those seeking to understand this ancient and timeless cuisine. Besides being a reference, a coffee table item, it also makes a ideal gift for your children and friends.

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