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Pastry for Pori and Ghari 

Pan Fried Trout

How to roast a Papad over a stove. 

Papad Bhujyo ke?

Serve garlic papad as appetizer with a sweet and sour pickle like parsi lagan nu achar. At parsi weddings in the traditional lagan-nu-bhonu fresh papads are served with lagan nu achar (pickle) on a banana leaf. This lets the guest munch on the papads, drink raspberry soda and wait for the feast to follow.

How to make Masala Scrambled Eggs

Making Cutlets, Coconut Ghari and Dar ni Pori  

Parsi Dhansak for the good times with full Dhansak recipe

Boudin’s Bakery Tour in San Francisco

The World Becomes Round: Early Trade Encounters between Bombay Parsis and Yankee Merchants. Nusserwanji Manackji Wadia with the British India Company. Trade and gifts of Muslin for wedding gown, dresses, cashmere shawl, books, salad oil, etc in the late early nineteenth century. Parsis and newly independent Yankees began with the ship “United States” 1784.

Listen to Dr. Jenny Rose’s presentation:

3 Step Process for peeling and de-veining Shrimps/Prawns (Video)

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