We hope you will benefit from using over 700 free recipes, books and videos here. The Parsi (Parsee) Indian community in India and worldwide is known for it’s generosity, spirit of fairness and charity. Truth and righteous living are the hallmarks of the people. Good thought, good word and good deeds is the guiding motto. 

We have published Cookbooks for Beginner Cooks and Expert Chefs. Foodies, History Lovers, Book Collectors, Teachers and  Students  will benefit and enjoy having these cookbooks  printed on high quality glossy paper. Great for your Kitchen or Coffee Table.

In addition the same cookbook/s with all recipes, illustrations and content is available as a Kindle EBook.

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Since 1999, we have collected a large collection of recipes, experimented cooking techniques and come up traditional parsi food cooked in the USA with the taste and flavor of India.

We thank you for your visit/s and invite you to contact us if you have any questions. 

The Team at ParsiCuisine.com


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Yasmin

    I made vagareli khichri after reading on yr site & I must say its super—earlier I used to make plai with toovar dal & eat it with raita but this khichri doesn’t need any thing else if eaten off the stove–thx
    Same way I made malido also & I really bless you for the recipe

  2. Rita Post author

    I am so glad you used the recipe and enjoyed your own cooked food. This is the driving force behind this site and my passion for people eating good parsi cuisine. Thank you for the blessings Yasmin.

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