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Dal ni Pori is a pastry to be served at tea-time.
A Zoroastrian custom at weddings: 5-7 Dal ni Poris are sent by the Bride’s family to the Bridegroom’s family.

Original recipe from my Mother Parin Homi Munshi and dedicated to her.

Also known as Dar ni Pori, Daar ni Poli in gujarati.

Fish Recipes

Kolmi substitute is Shrimp. Generally any white fish can be a substitute for Promfret. Maachi is a generic avancular name for seafood.

Pork, Lamb or Beef Recipes (Chicken or goat meat can be substituted.)


  • Sali Boti is Meat with delicious, mouth watering homemade and fried potato sticks(sali). Several recipes:
  1. Britannia Sali Boti
  2. Rita’s Sali Boti
  3. Sali Ma Margi by Firdosh
  • Kheemo” is a spicy minced beef/lamb/chicken/turkey dish
  • “Chana ma Gosht” is Yellow chick peas with meat
  • Gosht Ghambar nu”  traditional meat dish prepared at Ghambars/Gahanbar


  • Batasa  is another parsi favorite. Dip the batasa into your tea or coffee for the right amount of time so that it melts in your mouth and explodes with the unique BATASA flavor.
  • Parsi Bhakras are fried cake like scones – out of this world flavor (a favorite and stays for over a month)

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Masala Recipes

Masala are unique parsi spices, sauces and chutneys blended and stored. They are to be used for cooking later. Making these ahead is convenient and saves time.

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Pickles and Preserves

  • Murumbo is a preserve made with Mango
  • Ambakalyo is a sweet and Sour Mango Chutney
  • Achar Meva nu is a Carrot and Dry Fruits pickle usually served at weddings, also called lagan nu achaar

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